What question do you have from the recent Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode? Below I’ll share mine.

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How can the therapist think that Hanna is connected with the burglary, simply because she was the most recent patient to bear her soul?

Why did Emily’s girlfriend suddenly change her mind about telling Emily’s Mom the truth?

If Ian wasn’t spending time at Jason’s, then who else was hiding in his house? Or are we supposed to believe it was all in Spencer’s head?

Did Ian really kill himself, or was it a murder that is staged as a suicide?

How annoying do you find Melissa these days? Talk about shady! Can Spencer ever trust her sister again?

Does Hanna secretly like Lucas but just not realize it yet?

Do you even care about Aria’s brother? He’s been gone for so many episodes, I can’t find the energy to think that whatever he’s doing is worth my attention.

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