Pretty Little Liars “Hot Piece of A” delivered more than just one shocking twist.

pretty little liars a hot piece of a

Is (Was) Lucas Working for A? Either he was seriously mixed up in stuff with A, or he was simply going to confess his huge crush on Hannah! The latter seems more likely. Which means that Hannah may have left Lucas for dead (knocked out, liable to drown) in the lake.

Could Mona be A? It seems a bit obvious, but sure!

Clues Falling Like Rain. It seemed like between Emily’s call center fortune and what Spencer overheard Garrett saying to Jenna, clues about A were dropping into the little liars laps pretty easily. Not to mention seeing that picture of the dolls and then just-so-happening to find the place they were photographed.

Pro Ezra and Aria or Not? This is going to become a diving line for fans, and it seems like people who are 18-years-old or younger love the pairing, while people older are skeeved out by it. The show is definitely promoting Aria/Ezra by making The Montgomery parents look like over-reacting villain types. Even Emily endorsed the couple.

What did you think of this episode?

The first five minutes were especially quoteable. (The glass in the hair bit was awesome.) But was it fair how mean the girls were to Hannah about how she had to involve Caleb?

Pretty Little Liars Review “Hot Piece of A”