If you’ve never seen the classic movie “The Lost Boys“, you’ll have no idea why I say we’re lucky we only had to deal with worms in this episode of Pretty Little Liars. Below is my review of “Let the Water Hold Me Down.” Enjoy!

pretty little liars let the water hold me down

What was with the fashion in last nights episode?

Listen, we all know that Mandi Line does Pretty Little Liars actresses proud with her awesome fashion skills. But I think she may have had an off week when she was selecting the clothing for this outfit. There are two looks I liked a little: Emily in her red shirt that was kind of blousy (jersey?) and then Aria in her black and white dress, layered under a leather jacket and worn with her hair up, and two pendant necklaces. But Mona was wearing those crazy long beaded earrings, Hannah had some shirt with random fringe… and Spencer was okay, but boring. Not cool!

This was a fairly gross episode.

Don’t forget that before the “live bait” aka the worms (a Lost Boys moment, for sure) there was also the lake water in Hanna’s water bottle which she were to believe she drank. I’ve been in lakes, but no lake water has looked as gross as what the prop department shoved in that bottle. I mean, was that seaweed?

Did Lucas surprise you?

We had a bit of a mini horror movie when there was a storm and Lucas snuck into Hanna’s house. I was certain he was going to confess he had a crush on her. Instead, it was something totally different. He had lost Caleb’s money! Oh, the drama. I don’t doubt that losing the money wasn’t a big deal, but he could have just told Caleb and then gone to sell the Comic Books without all of the random falling in the lake stuff. Who falls in a lake and disappears like that? He had to know people thought he was dead!

Is Mona a suspect?

We saw Mona at the lake in the previous episode, and in this episode she was around a lot, too. We’re supposed to suspect her, but I’m just not sure I do. Instead, the exchange between Spencer and Mona was really sweet. But I could also hear Spencer’s inner narration being like, ‘She thinks this is a problem? Jesus.’

The Continuing Mystery

At the end it looked like a screw thingy (I’m so technical!) was being loosened…in the greenhouse? Somewhere. And we learned that once again, Jenna and Garrett are sneaky and suspicious. But… didn’t we already feel that way? The book Spencer stole seems kind of unimportant…

Aria and Ezra

Well, I don’t wanna talk about Aria and Ezra so much as I wanna talk about her other date. It wasn’t hard for him to figure out the clues that Aria had been dating her teacher. But he wasn’t mad. And he has secrets he keeps from his parents. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that maybe he’s gay and he wants to hide that from his parents and have Aria as his beard while he goes out with guys and do what he wants, instead.