Ezra is pretty much the worst teacher ever, Spencer can always make us laugh, and the fashion is not exactly up to par… all this on more in the latest Pretty Little Liars!

pretty little liars blond leading the blind

Pretty Little Liars Review “The Blonde Leading the Blind”

Holden and Aria Aren’t Sitting in a Tree

So, even I had guessed that maybe Holden’s big secret was that he was gay. But he’s not. Which means Aria is just his accomplice for some mysterious secret that we don’t know and omgitiskillingme I want to know! What do you think it is?

Ezra, You Disappoint Us All

If I was still in high school it’s possible I’d find the Aria/Ezra relationship fun and romantic. As it is, it’s creepy and I cannot endorse it. I was proud when I thought Ezra was going to man up and be an adult, but instead he ran to Aria in the rain. I’d say I’m surprised it wasn’t slow motion, except it was filmed to show that the entire world had FROZEN around them in their bliss of illogical love and mutual bad life decisions.

I do like to award one outfit with being the best piece of Pretty Little Liars fashion in every episode, and this week I was pretty much all about that Floral Trench Coat that Aria wore. Right? Awesome. Later Hanna wore a really great blue/silver cuff. But a coat beats a cuff.

Blender Abuse

To solve her problems, Hanna decides to blend the flash drive. This seems like the dumbest thing ever (even more stupid than when Emily taunted A in the greenhouse) and it shows that Hanna is possibly the most impulsive of all the little liars. And I guess she has bad karma, because now all of her friends and her boyfriend are keeping a secret from her. The secret is that he knows the secret. Yea. It’s a little confusing to explain.

Best Quote of the Episode

“Come on, dance, you little bastards.” – Spencer Hastings

At this point, do you have any major intuition about who A is? I think maybe it’s a giant conspiracy and A is the entire town of Rosewood!

Pretty Little Liars airs Mondays on ABC Family.