Take it from the Pretty Little Liars, Dance-A-Thons are intense! Even when you’re not so much dancing.

Showing their Pretty Little Liars style, Aria wore a black lace dress, Spencer wore a brown silk sheath, Emily had a sporty and edgy tank-type dress and Hanna wore a black and floral dress with a sweetheart neckline.

It’s time to review Pretty Little Liars “Careful What U Wish 4” and it’s hard to know what to discuss first. But let’s go with the video clip the girls were shocked to find in the previous episode. The clip showed the not-so-dearly departed Alison with Ian. A put this file on Spencer’s laptop, and even though what they have is evidence in a homicide, they decide to get some beauty rest and take it to the police tomorrow around lunch when they can find the time. Big mistake.

When the girls go to take the laptop to the police, it’s missing. It’s interesting to note that the only girl who didn’t want to take it to the police was Spencer, and she was the one who could most easily fake her laptop going missing, and then later deleting the file. Spoiler: When the laptop is recovered, the video file is deleted. Dun dun dun!

alona tal pretty little liars

Alona Tal on Pretty Little Liars

Rosewood High had a Dance-A-Thon.  But the only PLL who danced seemed to be Hanna. Way to raise money and show school spirit, pft!

Spencer went about retrieving keys to see what was hidden in Ian’s locker. But the new kid saw her, and somehow none of the keys worked.

Emily felt like she was losing Maya to the True North facility, so she was happy when the new kid at school (I’m sure he has some sort of story) was able to make sure her calls could still reach Maya. Unfortunately, Maya may not want the calls anymore. As a result of this, Emily decided to get drunk on Hanna’s supply, which seemed out of character but an obvious direction for this character to go.

hanna marin style

Want Hanna Marin style? Find a blackmailer so you, too, can achieve this look of betrayal!Note: Interesting necklace and earrings on Hanna!

While drunk at the dance, Emily tells Ian that they all know everything. Ian creepily gets Spencer locked into a dance and Spencer lies, saying what Emily knows is that Spencer and Ian kissed last summer. None too pleased (especially with his recent marriage to Spencers’ sister – and boy does this sound like a soap opera show when you try to explain it) he says that if anyone finds out there will be consequences. Since he’s a possible suspect in Alison’s murder, Spencer doesn’t say anything about how he can shove all that down his throat. Smart move, Spence.

Of the four dresses on the four Pretty Little Liars, Hanna Marin has the best overall outfit. Even Sean knew that!

Aria had her own problems in this episode. The character of Simone showed up (played by Alona Tal) who was her old babysitter who now writes and lives in New York. Well, Aria’s Mom can’t seem to set up Ezra and Simone fast enough. This pisses Aria off, and she almost outs herself at the school dance. At the end of the episode, Ezra tells Aria he’s in love with her and she shouldn’t worry. They almost kiss in the parking lot, and seem to be playing fast and loose with the whole “Aria’s parents are here and so is half the school” stuff.

pretty little liars style

Hanna receives her next blackmail mission from A, saying she’d get money for dancing with Lucas instead of Sean. While we like to think of Sean as a jerk, he’s not out of line to want Hanna to dance with him – especially when she ignored him at Homecoming. Well, Sean finally has it and breaks up with Hanna, leaving Lucas with new hope. While the fans want Hanna with Lucas, it doesn’t do any good when Hanna doesn’t want to go down that road.

pretty little liars hanna style

Aria’s Mom met A at the dance. We, of course, don’t see him/her. But we do know they wore a bulky black leather jacket and had matching gloves. It seems like they would be for a man, but that could be a mislead.

Next week on Pretty Little Liars “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again” we’ll see Emily focusing on sports, Aria and Ezra planning to go public, A forcing Hanna to do horrible things, and Spencer seeking out Alison’s brother, Jason, for some help. What do you think Spencer wants Jason for? Come back next week for our thoughts, and share yours in the comments!

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