Last night Pretty Little Liars season 2 had its mid-season finale, and it definitely delivered! It left us wondering if Jenna is A, what the deal with Mrs. Sullivan is, and who has “pretty eyes.” Let’s go over the highlights of this episode and commiserate!

  • The creepy dolls that “A” sent the girls couldn’t have been worse. Not only are old dolls inherently something that give a lot of people the chills, but these dolls had pull strings (like Woody in Toy Story!) with messages of doom. At least Spencer found a way to make them a little funny by saying, “We have 5 hours to obey our Chucky dolls or… (reads: she dies)”
  • We always love Pretty Little Liars fashion, but the wedding gave everyone an excuse to wear amazing dresses. Aside from Hanna’s ugly bridesmaid dress, everyone had amazing outfits. Emily even got a great new hairstyle.
  • This story was told via flashbacks of “x hours earlier” and it really heightened the suspense. It kept interest piqued in things like, “why are the girls covered in dirt?” “where is Dr. Sullivan?” “where is Emily?” “what are they being charged with” and “who did Aria call?” We learned answers to all of those questions, but it doesn’t matter. We just have more questions!

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  • Spencer and Toby are great and I predict they’ll be together again in the future. But for now, Spencer might have a new love interest in Wren. And it’s hard not to find Wren a little bit wonderful. He’s got that accent, you know? He also carries a handkerchief! And he said, “I’m desperate to kiss you.” Awwww. Sigh.
  • Caleb returned and he has Hanna’s back. No pun intended, he told Kate the dress gave her backfat. Huzzah! Caleb is great for Hanna, too bad he’s leaving to be on another show!
  • Who is A? It seems like … is Jenna A? Or at least, part of A? Even if it’s Jenna and Garrett, it seems like there’s a third party. Who did the waitress see that she said had “pretty eyes”? It was so well done that you can’t even tell if she was complimenting a girl or a guy! Augh! More than ever it seems like Jenna is A and is responsible for Alison’s death, but can it really be that simple?

Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria’s Pink Dress in ‘Over My Dead Body’

Pretty Little Liars Episode Guide – Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 12
Title: Over My Dead Body
A vengeful “A” punishes the girls for talking to Dr. Sullivan, whose life is in danger unless the girls obey “A” by completing a series of tasks that will bring pain to themselves and their loved ones.

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