Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) is considered the weakest by A, and we learned this in the Pretty Little Liars episode “Touched By An A-ngel.” But how can that be? Psh!

shay mitchell

Listen, Emily is dealing with a lot right now. She has the stress anyone in high school has, but she’s away from her family and living her a friend who sometimes annoys her, enduring the torment of “A”, has been secretly dosed with steriods, was in the hospital for a stress-induced ulcer, and I’m sure she has the same trouble we all do in trying to apply mineral eyeshadow as eyeliner! Her plate is beyond full, it’s basically caved in on itself.

I believe the reason A thinks Emily is the weakest is two-fold. For one, Alison had a very close relationship with Emily and knew she was beloved and crushed on by Em. Depending on who “A” really turns out to be and what knowledge they have, they probably know that Emily was invested in Alison more than just how the other friends were. But there’s another reason.

Emily is the nicest of the Pretty Little Liars! It’s true. Isn’t it? She’s very sensitive, empathetic, understanding and sweet. This isn’t to say that the other girls are bitches, that’s not true. Aria is very sweet most of the time. But she has harder edges and more walls, I think. Spencer is prickly because she’s blunt and sarcastic. As for Hannah, she means well but sometimes (as you saw in the episode tonight) she puts her foot in her mouth. Emily is …she’s a little passive. But what’s interesting is that she’s the one girl that seems closest towards revealing to someone the existence of “A.” But do you think she’ll do it? I really wish she would. That would not only make her the nicest, but the smartest.

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