Here are the most memorable quotes from the Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode “She’s Better Now”.

hanna marin style


Pretty Little Liars Quotes

She practically has a PH.D.
Hanna Marin Quotes: You are not defenseless, Mona. you spent the last two years majoring in torture.

Or maybe Alaska?
Emily: If he knew half the crap I’d been through he’d ship me off to Guam.

Well… he’s a little…
Aria: You actually believe that my own Dad would drug me and then lock me a in a box?

It wouldn’t even help…
Aria Montgomery Quotes: Please stick a fork in my neck.

Love her bits of humor these days…
Emily Fields Quotes: So now we’re depending on Meredith to be our alibi? I’ll see ya in jail.

Astute observation…
Spencer Hastings Quotes: He’s basically hugging a hand grenade.

aria montgomery style


Hanna’s Grandma: That child is more twisted than my toes.

Don’t you love this Grandma?
Hanna’s Grandma: Right now Mona might be the best argument we’ve got against human cloning.

Aria Montgomery Quotes: That’s called greeting your converts.

Anytime you can, gurlfriend!
Spencer: Why is your Grandmother singing?
Hanna: Because she can.

Pretty Little Liars “She’s Better Now” Quotes