Do you love the Pretty Little Liars fashion used when it comes to Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale)? I overwhelmingly do! I mean, what’s not to love about someone who is just so damn cool with her style choices? She walks a fine line of boho/girly/edgy/classic and makes it work for her.

The next task for the Jane By Design promotion by ABC Family  is to take a picture of a purse that represents you and explain why. I also took this time to find some Aria Montgomery style choices in purses to share with you.

You are moving on to round three of the interview process. You haven’t quit yet, nor have you embarrassed yourself beyond repair, so that says something. What exactly does it say? It says you still have a lot to prove before I’m ready to make a decision. And remember—choose carefully. An expensive purse might reveal that you are really just a shallow tart. A cheap purse might reveal that you are a miserly malcontent. To make it to the next phase of the interview process, you will need to convince me that you are an interesting person with a unique point of view. If you’re just another sheep following the masses, you’ll stay in the barnyard where you belong. – Gray Chandler Murray of Donovan Decker

The purse I have chosen is a Steve Madden design found on sale at TJ Maxx. It’s black and has multiple handles which means there are multiple ways for carrying it. It is also handy for being dressed up or down, it’s always able to handle the job of looking chic (and holding my essentials.)

But how is this purse “me”? As a writer who covers not just entertainment (TV focus, of course!) but also style (beauty, decor, pets…) I feel that I am a versatile writer, just as much as this bag is versatile. And I love the little lock and the kisslock top. I have little surprises of my own!

I also happen to think this is a total Aria Purse. Don’t you? I Can see her wearing it in practically any scene. I went on a brief window shopping spree of other purses that I think are “just so Aria” – which you can view below.

To find the names and prices of these bags head to this post on Aria Montgomery Style in Purses.

Do you guys have a purse that you feel really encapsulates and shows who you are? Some purses help change who you feel you are (a little more glamorous or a little more laid back) but some feel practically MADE for you. So, let me know what you-as-a-purse is! And if you can spare a second then share that you read this piece about Purses from Small Screen Scoop by leaving a note on the  ABC Family Jane By Design Facebook page! (Thank you so much!)

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This has been my Jane By Design Style Challenge #3. Please check out Jane By Design when it premieres on ABC Family on January 3, 2012! Here are the Jane By Design cast photos and here is information about the Jane By Design Air Date. Make sure to subscribe to this site for more great TV fun!