Thanks to a hot tip from Small Screen Scoop reader Katherine C., we have a new angle of Ezra’s poem to consider.

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Aria and Ezra in way simpler times. Photo from ABC Family.

Since B-26 was referenced in the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars this week (“Free Fall”) I made a post about what the poem was, and how it could be interpreted.

What is B26 on Pretty Little Liars? | Full meaning and explanation inside!

However, in light of how close Ezra Fitz was to Alison… we may have to take another look at this dang poem! Even if it is partially about Aria, was it to early in their relationship for Ezra to separate the missing girl he’d loved (Ali) and his new feelings for one of her friends?

One of the hard things to explain about the poem, in relation to Aria, was the bit about a foreign car. We’d chocked it up to Aria and Ezra making out in a car. And maybe it being a foreign feeling.

But we also know that Ezra used to own a foreign car, a 1967 Jag. Maybe he had a lot of memories of being with Alison in this car? This is not a car Aria ever knew about.

What if A is the one who wanted Aria to read the poem, not Ezra? I had to go back on re-watch this episode, but Ezra seemed pretty surprised when Aria brought up this poem. Could it have been that he was worried she’d realize it was a very personal piece of writing that was about two different girls?

It’s a pretty cool theory, and I’m wild for knowing what other Pretty Little Liars fans think. So please leave me a comment if you have anything to add. Agree or disagree, I’m just curious what you think!

Keep those Pretty Little Liars spoilers, news, and theories coming, guys! We’re totally going to solve this before Spencer.