Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and Ashley Benson_jpg

It took me about five hundred years to upload all of these Pretty Little Liars pictures, but it was worth it. SO GO LOOK! Pretty Little Liars premieres with ten episodes on June 8th at 8pm EST.

Pretty Little Liars Cast Photos & Behind the Scenes of Pretty Little Liars:

Troian Bellisario_2_jpgTroian Bellisario_jpgTroian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, and Lucy Hale_jpgTroian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and Ashley Benson_jpgShay Mitchell_3_jpgShay Mitchell_2_jpg

Shay Mitchell_jpgShay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Troian Bellisario_jpgShay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, and Ashley Benson in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_jpgShay Mitchell in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_jpgLucy Hale_jpgLucy Hale_3_jpgLucy Hale_2_jpgLucy Hale on the set of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_jpgLucy Hale in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_5_jpgLucy Hale in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_3_jpgLucy Hale in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_2_jpgLucy Hale and Ian Harding_7_jpgLucy Hale and Ian Harding in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_6_jpgLaura Leighton_jpgLaura Leighton and Ashley Benson in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_3_jpgIan Harding in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_jpgIan Harding in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_2_jpgIan Harding and Lucy Hale in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_jpgAshley Benson_jpgAshley Benson_2_jpgAshley Benson_3_jpgAshley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, and Troian Bellisario_jpgAshley Benson in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_jpgAshley Benson in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_2_jpgAshley Benson and Laura Leighton_jpgAshley Benson and Laura Leighton in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS_jpg