Spencer suffered the ultimate in heartbreak, while Aria, Emily and Hanna suffered at the hands of a totally delusional woman. Here’s your Pretty Little Liars review of “Misery Loves Company.”

Pretty Little Liars Review “Misery Loves Company”

A Note About the Flu

Even the Pretty Little Liars get the flu. Which is a nice touch on what’s happening in reality. I’d love getting Ginger Ale and Saved By the Bell from a friend when I’m sick… but I’m not sure about magazines. I mean, with blogs magazines are kinda pointless. Although if you have a headache I guess you don’t wanna stare at a screen. (Although a tablet lets you adjust the light, and they can be pretty light to hold… Anyway, I think people should get the flu shot otherwise they’ll be miserable.

Face Off (No, seriously. Literally!)

Hanna got dressed up in a killer outfit (blue dress, heels, spunky chigon) all for naught. Instead, A was there to mess her up, and threaten her face. It’s really a tale as old as time. Go on a job interview to a store full of creepy white mannequins, get attacked by said mannequins and dramatically sprain wrist when tumbling to the floor.

spencer hastings bedroom

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “Misery Loves Company” – Surprises abound for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, in “Misery Loves Company,” an all new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, January 22nd (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT). (ABC FAMILY/RON TOM)

Toby Sucks, Man

For the first time ever, we’re seeing things happening in the A Team circle close up. I was frankly, shocked that it happened. But there was Mona and Toby in their dark hoodies (that’s how you know when they’re being especially evil) talking and plotting about some big head honcho in charge. It’s so hard for me to like Toby, let alone Spoby (Spencer/Toby). And in the end, he was revealed to Spencer for who he is. And I really, really hate him. Grrr.

Aria’s Worst Nightmare

Aria was visited by the ghost of Christmas past, drugged and had to deal with snot the whole time. Meredith was suddenly her BFF, which she should have realized was suspicious. Stealing her phone and spiking her tea was all part of her evil plan to be… well, evil. And then there was Alison. In a hallucination or dream, Aria saw her old friend. And what did she bring? Hints about Spencer being blind to something, and Aria’s Dad being guilty of paying off Ali. Then, Aria awoke to realize she was locked in her room. Talk about freaky! I probably would have climbed out my window, but instead she fashioned a weapon out of a mirror shard. Girl might do okay in prison, I hear they always need to make shiv’s. Seriously, Hanna’s little fall didn’t scare me at all. Meanwhile, what happened between Meredith and Aria is possibly the scariest thing that has ever gone down on Pretty Little Liars. Why? Because it seemed like a very real threat, something that could happen to someone at any time. Most of the things A does seem odd or silly, but Meredith going crazy like this is what the best reality-based Lifetime movies are made of. (And I would know, I watch them all.)

Do you think Byron is really innocent? And do you think Toby has any helpful explanation for what he did? How much do you want to hug Spencer right now? Sigh.