Emily (Shay Mitchell) was the supreme super hero in this episode of Pretty Little Liars.

shay mitchell

Test Scores

This was a pretty big ethical issue in the episode, and Emily was the only one being smart about it. That said, it’s scary that Ezra managed to sway me to thinking it was fine that he covered for Ella who was covering for Emily. …Try to comprehend that.

More on Em’s

Emily Field’s new attitude is all about empowerment. She does what’s right, tries to clean up messes as they happen, she’s always being accountable for her actions… I mean… who does not think she is a superstar?! Maybe that’s why A (or the A Team) picks on her so much, because she’s so damnably good. She’s the best role model on this show.


Janel Parrish deserves all sorts of Emmy’s for her performance. I am amazed by it.

Caleb/Hanna Marin

Oh, Hanna. I worry for you. I worry that Caleb is going to get fed up and leave you. You can’t be so cavalier with things. You’ve got such a good guy with him, don’t ruin it!

Veronica Hastings and Garrett

Spencer Hastings hit the nail on the head when she asked her mother if she was truly going to be defending the person accused (and likely, partially guilty) for murdered Alison (her best friend) and the girl Emily loved (Maya). I mean, any sane, even kind of sane Mother would see that this was going to be painful for her daughter and never do it. Instead, Veronica is doing it for free! Something’s up.

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment  23 (Because it’s Melissa!)

Was Melissa even EVER pregnant? Did Spencer feel the baby kick? I can’t recall. If Melissa was pregnant, then when did she lose the baby and why does she have to cover up when it happened? Or did she give birth and somehow is pretending she didn’t… because the kid is … I don’t know, living somewhere else? Adoption? It’s confusing.

Melissa starts to say things, or hints at things, and never follows through. It makes me hate her so much! Frustration!

Behold! Jenna!

Why doesn’t Jenna confront the girls about knowing what they did to her? I would have gone to my parents and the police so long ago. Anyway, is it possible we’ll have to see Jenna as more of a victim than we ever thought?

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