If you want to be sneaky, you’ll have to outwit Jenna.

On Pretty Little Liars “Someone to Watch Over Me” Jenna has an Owl USB necklace made of crystals. I found one that’s goldtone from Amazon and one that is silvertone from Most Buying. They both have the retro cute look (minus the colorful crystals) that made Hanna like this necklace so much when she thought it was going to be gifted to her.

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And you can search eBay for gems like this owl flash drive necklace, thanks for the comment to let us know! These crystals and colored enamel come a bit closer to the actual pendant that Jenna wears on PLL.

owl flash drive necklace

Visit Small Screen Scoop daily and let us know if you find more Owl Necklaces that double as flash drives. Etsy people, what say you?