Below you’ll find a Pretty Little Liars Recap of the best parts of “I Must Confess.”

  • Hanna continues to have amazing quotes. “My Dad still wants to sue.” Who? “Everyone.”And later she (not soberly) quipped, “Can you bring the sink over to me?”
  • But Hanna’s Grandmother (who reminds me of Paula Deen) is just as quoteable as Hanna. Especially with gems like, “I just need to wipe the dew from my lily.” Oh my! And what about, “Happy, what’s happy? Cows are happy and they end up as sloppy joes.”
  • The scene between Mrs. Marin and Emily was so sweet. It’s not that Hanna doesn’t care, it’s just that Emily can approach things in a different way.

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  • Spencer and Toby in the car before school when he promised her he’d always adore her was great. Even though you just know something will break them up in the future. I smell doomed love.
  • Emily vs Jenna. No, it wouldn’t be nice to make fun of a blind person’s walking stick, but in the case of Jenna she doesn’t get to be a brat and get a free pass just because she can’t see. Emily telling Jenna to move her stick was a powerful move by Em.
  • Maya showing up was great. Emily’s ex’s are not often seen again, and that’s a sad pattern. Now that Maya is back, I want to know if she’s been “reformed” and if she’s even still gay.
  • Spencer wanting to run to the cops every time she has knew information is kind of funny. I like that she wants to assert herself and try to take control of the situation, but it’s starting to become a joke.

Pretty Little Liars Episode Guide:

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 11 “I Must Confess” With Emily pushed to her limits, the girls finally confide in Dr. Sullivan about “A.” Meanwhile, Hanna’s grandmother (Betty Buckley) arrives in Rosewood as Tom’s wedding nears.

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