Hanna Marin is our choice for looking the prettiest with her total dress, hair and jewelry combination at the most recent dance at Rosewood High.

In Pretty Little Liars “Careful What I Wish For” the PLL gang attended a Dance-A-Thon where they didn’t do much dancing. Angsting and ambitions espionage? Oh, yes – there was plenty of time for that.

pretty little liars outfits

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pretty little liars hanna style

There was also time to break the heart of poor Lucas, in order to follow A’s instructions. Note the pink nails, cool chunky ring and sadness lingering all over Lucas’ face! For Hanna Marin hair like this you’ll need a curling iron and a bit of patience – as well as bobby pins and a good hairspray.

Each girl represented their own style. The Pretty Little Liars dresses cater to the character. Hanna Marin likes to be girly, trendy, and a little sexy. This is reflected in her clothes on the show at all times. Prior to becoming popular, Hanna would wear bulky, unflattering clothing in drab colors.

hanna marin style

A cool chunky pendant and matching earrings worked well for Hanna as she had a strapless sweetheart neckline on her black floral dress, and had a messy updo.

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