Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) from Pretty Little Liars is that blonde bombshell every teenage girl wishes she could be. “A” even has his/her/their eye on Hanna. Not only did “A” make Hanna eat way too many cupcakes to bring back memories of eating problems, but the mastermind in the black hoodie also runs her over with a car. Hanna may have broken her leg after being hit by the car, but she did not lose her wit and assertiveness. These quotes from seasons 1 & 2 will show the Hanna Marin we all know and love.

The Best Hanna Marin Quotes

hanna marin quotes

10.) “You know what? Just don’t talk about the Biebs, okay? You don’t know the Biebs, you don’t understand the Biebs. Or his hair.”

Trust me, Hanna, I love Justin Bieber’s hair, but have you seen Caleb’s lately? The Biebs has some competition!

9.) “Don’t you want someone real? Someone you can scratch and sniff?”

As long as I can choose from Caleb Rivers, Toby Cavanaugh, Ezra Fitz, and Wren Kim, the answer is yes.

8.) “It’s like Alison used to say. You’re not lying, you’re just pre-telling the truth.”

Didn’t Alison also say that “You’re always better off with a really good lie”? On a serious note, one thing that I love about this show is that Alison DiLaurentis is still alive in each of the four liars. She will always be alive as long as the girls continue to lie. We all lie. Just think about that for a second.

7.) “Zombies don’t text!”

Do zombies stalk people and send them text messages at just the right moment? I have my theories about “A,” but I will let you decide for yourself.

6.) “I’m starting to think that bitch has superpowers.”

A dark figure is lurking around Rosewood just one step ahead of the whole town. “A” knows all and sees all. You’re right, Hanna, that’s borderline superpowers. Can I just take this opportunity to give the city of Rosewood a PSA? If anyone sees a person dressed in a black hoodie, black boots, and black gloves, then don’t help them, don’t give them anything from a pawn shop, and don’t let them buy pain cream! Just go the other direction.

hanna marin style

5.) “I think you’re the one who needs a trip to Oz. See if the wizard can find you a heart.”

Take that, Mona! Oh, and along the way, Ella Montgomery can get a brain so she can figure out what’s going on with her family, Aria and/or Ezra can get some courage and just tell people what the heck is going on, and “A” can just go to Kansas as far as I’m concerned.

4.) “I always thought my first sunrise would have tequila in it.”

Hanna, you didn’t want your first sunrise to be after a bell-tower incident that leads all of Rosewood to think that you and your three best friends are liars and suspects in a murder? Girl, after that, you just need straight tequila.

3.) “Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool my best friend? You’re dead-freaking meat.”

“A” has fooled way too many people, including me, and whoever it is should totally be dead-freaking meat right now. Hanna, can you get on that?

2.) “You are gone. And I am so over missing you.”

I really hope I’m not the only one whose heart stops when Alison spins around in that therapy chair. Hanna and Alison’s conversation is so intense and I think Hanna somewhat puts Alison in her place. This scene is by far one of my favorites.

1.) “Please, Jenna can’t hear us. She’s blind.”

Apparently, Garret is blind too. I mean, he doesn’t notice four girls staring straight at him through a window. Maybe Jenna and Garret are the perfect couple after all.

Don’t miss the special Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars on October 19. I can’t wait to learn more about Hefty Hanna and to see her interaction with Alison. Bring your treats, because “A” is sure to bring the tricks!

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