We absolutely cannot waste another minute before we discuss the Pretty Little Liars Halloween costumes from “This is a Dark Night.” And yes, we’ll tell you who everyone was dressed up as! (They should have made that so, so much clearer, right?)

The choices weren’t bad, although a little vocal confirmation during the episode wouldn’t have hurt. Pretend we’re all as dumb as Hanna! Would it have killed them to have Hanna ask about the other two unverified outfits? Surely she wouldn’t have known what they were, not really! That’s probably my biggest beef with the entire episode. Everyone was so excited about what these characters would wear, and then they don’t even make it clear enough for younger viewers! Anyway, onwards with the analysis…

Hanna Marin Halloween Costume – Ashley Benson

She came dressed as a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe for Halloween. It would have been fun to see each of the little liars dressed up as a different version of Marilyn.

hanna marin halloween

I do want to note that the Marilyn dress was much fuller and shorter than most Marilyn costumes are. This was a more modern, youthful take on the iconic costume. My note would be that having it shorter and fuller actually made Ashley Benson look shorter than she is.

That Marilyn Monroe wig was phenomenal.

And I’ll give her this – she made it easy for us to know who she was.

Though I would have also loved to see her as Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde.”

Aria Montgomery Halloween Costume – Lucy Hale

Her black striped tights and black dress combo was tres chic.

pretty little liars halloween costumes

aria montgomery

aria montgomery halloween

aria montgomery halloween

But we’re here to talk about he flapper girl costume where she was Daisy Buchanan. I always, always think of Daisy as blonde.And this isn’t at all an iconic outfit for the character. Where was the big, white floppy hat?

For Aria’s pick I think I would have liked to see her in something else, as she generally just looked like any ol’ flapper girl. An entirely beautiful one, yes. The costume was great. I just would have liked to see a bit of humor behind Aria’s choice. I appreciate that Aria would have been drawn to something with a vintage feel, of course…

But I would have loved to see her as Mia Wallace from “Pulp Fiction.”

Spencer Hastings Halloween Costume – Troian Bellisario

Well, it was a film noir nod for sure. Something from the 1940’s. I’ve had people say she and Toby were Bonnie and Clyde, although those aren’t the outfits I think they’d have. They never said what she was in the episode, and I have a hard time believing many people knew.

pretty little liars halloween costumes

But when I heard that quote about “you do know how to whistle, don’t you?” I realized Spencer was Marie “Slim” Browning (Lauren Bacall) from “To Have and Have Not.” I like that she and Toby shared that quote, as I can imagine that they watched the movie together.

I would have also loved to see her as Satine in “Moulin Rouge.”

Emily Fields Halloween Costume – Shay Mitchell

Listen, I’m probably older than half of you, and I still had no clue what Emily’s costume was. I got that it was something to do with Space… so I had to google to find out it was Barbarella. It’s a late 60’s sci fi film.

emily fields halloween

emily fields halloween

Although, what I know of Barbarella is that the emphasis has always been on the hair Jane Fonda had. That was almost more iconic than the silver outfit. And her hair was blonde. But it would have been a tragedy for Shay Mitchell to wear a wig, I suppose… and she did, at least, have it teased quite a bit… so it’s a very modern take on that. I’m guessing that Paige was one of the guys in the movie, but having not seen it I do not know.

I would have also loved to see her as Mimi Marquez from “Rent.”

Ashley Marin Halloween Costume – Laura Leighton

That wig was so perfect for her nurse costume. Although I’m not sure that someone dating a pastor would decide to dress up in such a sexy archetype kind of outfit. Though…what am I saying, Mrs. Marin has totally made it her thing to never cater to being discrete while pursuing this guy. And I will say, something about that nurse costume and that headpiece (hat? headband? what would you call those?) did give me an eerie Haunted Hospital vibe, like her outfit was from the 60’s or something. And if that was intentional, I’m all the more pleased. At one point she was walking slowly through the hallway and it was such a great shot that I applaud the director for that, as well.

(I did find her storyline with the ghost girl totally weird and annoying. But that’s neither here nor there. Just like the girl, who apparently disappeared.)

Photos: ABC Family

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