Hello my sweets, here’s your latest Pretty Little Liars fashion recap for the season 4 episode “Face Time.” Aria started doing a great half-up twisted french braid with her hair, and then progressed to a very twisted pant concept… (Is this subliminal advertising for ABC Family’s newest show, Twisted? Hm.)


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Hanna Marin / Ashley Benson


Right away, we got a tough of Hanna in an unusual white blouse that was covered in red …images. To be honest, this happened very quickly. I know there were ice cream bars. And it was kind of fun…but something I can more easily see Aria wearing. However, put the right label on it, and Hanna would probably wear anything you hand her. (Some real girls are like this, it’s true. That’s why people with lots of money sometimes look the worst. Which isn’t to say Hanna is like that, she’s generally got a very specific sense of good style.) Oh, I figured out the theme of her top.. ice cream! I guess if you can’t EAT it, you might as well WEAR it.


Another picture is provided so you can get the full look…


This sleeveless, peplum-inspired top in black, white and peach was one of my favorite looks for Hanna so far in season 4 of Pretty Little Liars.

Aria Montgomery / Lucy Hale


Wearing giant disc earrings, Aria caught my eye with a large square, silver pendant. But what was coolest here is the jacket with flat studs all down the arms. Plus, her hair. I love her hair right now in the half up and half down look.


For a superhero look, a pink belt accented a tank top covered in bright pink lightening bolts. It was very fun, and definitely the kind of thing I wore more of as a teenager in high school.


For a date, she wore a black skirt with a sparkly cardigan. Adding to this was a great half-up french braid, large hoops, and a long-strapped clutch. It was so, so very Aria and also, incidentally, very me!


Aria’s final look of the night isn’t one I loved. There was a black sweater with a large pearl brooch accent on one side. There were also black and white pants with a spiral affect for the left leg. Seeing it all together from the front, with the slice of red undershirt at least made me understand it all together, and appreciate it a bit more.

Spencer Hastings / Troian Bellisario

A simple navy (black) skirt was having me yawn, until I realized it was all a simple, coordinated look that I was actually in-freaking-love-with. See, the backpack and tights really pulled it all together for a schoolgirl chic look that you cannot help but love for its adore-mentioned simplicity! (No picture, sorry.)

Melissa Hastings / Torrey DeVito


Melissa may be potentially evil, but boy does she know how to dress. I loved both of her featured outfits for this episode.




Big thanks to Mandi Line for being the costume designer on Pretty Little Liars.

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Two extra pics I couldn’t resist: