Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 4 recap of the fashion!

spencer hastings fashion

Hanna Marin / Ashley Benson

  • Her first outfit was pajamas. Which included a tank top and a black bra. Because, duh, everyone sleeps in sexy black bras while they sleep.
  • Next up, a short, fitted sleeveless dress with purple polka dots. If you were in a real high school that’d never fly. Especially not with the high, high heels. But for TV school? Totally fun. I loved that dress, although I can’t do a skirt that short or heels that high.
  • Let’s talk more about how jacked up Ashley Benson’s hair is. Did you see that? Her extensions do not mesh well with her actual hair.

ashley benson

pretty little liars funny

Aria Montgomery / Lucy Hale

  • Even though skirts made of ties are so 2005, the entire outfit Aria wore for school was very fun. I like all these knee-high boots she wears right now (even if sometimes it’s boots and tall socks.) I especially fell for her black leather jacket with big lapels. Gimmie! Oh, and the belt was cool with chains, and the “how does this match” cheetah top had the modern folded look that makes you look like you have shoulder pads without looking dated.
  • A grey and hot pink sweatshirt was fun, especially with Aria’s latest trend of straightened hair. Very modern and sleek.

aria montgomery bedroom

aria montgomery hair

Spencer Hastings / Troian Bellisario

  • Tiny star studs, a white blouse, and pale blue cardigan. Looooved it. The “I am not a sofa” quote? Loved it even more! Spencer got real sassy in this episode.
  • For Cicero, she wore a very collegiate, Rory Gilmore-esque, type of outfit. It included a plaid shirt, belted gray cardigan, plaid fabric headband, and – surprisingly – a brown purse with silver studs.  This is also what she wore when she talked to the nerd with the Pi shirt, and had that priceless Game of Thrones dialogue. So, dammit, I’m forever a Spencer fan!
  • To party with the sorority girls, Spencer wore a very prim navy dress with a brown bow belt. I liked it, although it was wrong for a sorority party. (Of course, she was there to investigate.) There were also knee-high brown boots, and a really fun yellow messenger bag that I think is the same one she wore earlier. (I saw studwork!)

spencer hastings

spencer hastings

spencer hastings


Emily Fields / Shay Mitchell

  • We don’t always cover her outfits because her hair is usually the best thing about every outfit. This time, I must say how much I loved her look for going to Cicero. Beach wavy hair, blue top and blue blazer…it was almost sexy.

Big thanks to Mandi Line for being the dedicated costume designer on Pretty Little Liars.

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