This Pretty Little Liars fashion recap now has screencapped pictures for your pleasure. If you like this format more, holler in the comments to let me know and I can keep doing it!


Hanna Marin / Ashley Benson

  • I loved her simple blue blazer and top (with black lace?) with gold-toned triangle earrings. It was accented with black flats, and paired with black skinny jeans.


  • Next up, the most perfect-I-must-have-it blue satchell with silver studs. Paired with a minty blazer and floral sundress. Reminds me of a season 1 outfit ..when they were in front of a mirror that was scrawled with lipstick…you remember. (Note: unpictured)
    Why does Ashley Benson refuse to let her hair look cute these days? Now that she has more power on set, does she refuse to let the hairdressers do a good job?
  • Okay, now that THAT rant is out of the way…it’s time to pour on some love for Hanna’s late-night outing jacket. It was leather, in black and tan. And boy do I want it. Although with dark hair I might not look as good in it. (Yes, these kinds of things matter!) It looks very stylish, even if you are wearing a non-ironic t-shirt that says “Meow” which, well, Hanna was. We’re not going to make excuses for her, we’re just going to leave that alone. Later she had this awesome golden, woven messenger bag that exuded the kind of carelessness that I never can own.

Can I steal this bag? Please? Pretty please?


Spencer Hastings / Troian Bellisario

  • Sistah was rocking the cute side french braid in the opening of this episode.
No one can do a braid quite like Spencer.

No one can do a braid quite like Spencer.

  • Later, an on-trend high bun was perfect for a school day in a green dress. (And Spencer’s folder was a Burberry plaid. Perfect detail!)

Are those white boots? After Labor Day? GASP

Admit it, did you buy one of those fake bun things? I did. And it was worthless. Just use a sock the color of your hair.

  • My die-for Spencer moment came later in the episode when she was visiting (er, breaking into) Radley Sanitarium with Toby. She was wearing this fantastic black coat with a huge kicked-up collar…and her hair was slicked back into a ponytail. The entire look was like “secret agent spy!” and I want to wear it this Fall when I walk my dog and pretend I’m in the CIA. (And yes, I do that often.)
    P.S. Tobey was trying to have his moment about his Mom, and I kept wanting him to move so I could get a good screencap. Oh, and I think it was a scarf AND a cool collar, not just a collar. Whoops.

Deep thoughts. Great coats. PLL has it all.

  • When Melissa went to bug Spencer at night, Spencer was in grays and it was boring. Until! We saw she was wearing gray socks with little white…uh, dogs? Unicorns? I forget what they were. But they made the outfit. (Note: unpictured.)

Aria Montgomery / Lucy Hale

  • Her French Bulldog white and black cardigan gets major points from me. And not just because I love cute animals in a simple print. (Like Spencer’s and the giraffe’s!)


  • For a date, Aria wore her hair pinned half up and had a black top….it was a typical mish-mash for Aria, and it was fun.

No one wants to make the first move on the popcorn? Fine, I will!

  • While Spencer wore a green dress, Aria had a camo-green vest over a white shirt. This was piled over a black miniskirt, black leggings, and black boots. Oh, and a belt gave it all some shape. It was very “I’m in a mourning period” kind of defensive outfit. Plus, I guess it’s fall there? (Ergo, long sleeves and everything is covered?) (Note: unpictured)

Melissa Hastings / Torrey Devito

  • Oh, you sly thing. You slip away for several episodes only to reappear and give my style sense a major ladyboner. First, it was the black peplum with the super sleek and smooth hair. (My internal voice reminding me how much I want to always be that kind of composed, professional adult woman.) THEN, oh THEN…you give me Melissa at the Police Station, in a navy blazer with lime green piping…and riding boots. Nothing could harder telegraph “this is my casual weekend outfit from J-Crew” than that ensemble, and I am weak for wanting it so, so very badly.

Style icon. And she knows it, look at her smirk!

As always, big love to the Pretty Little Liars costume designer Mandi Line.

Episode Review Notes:

  • Ella thinks it’s impractical to go to Vienna. But who would miss her? Live a little, leave the show! …At least for a while.
  • I’m exactly the right kind of nerd to tell you that they probably mentioned the musical “Anything Goes” because Bunheads (also on ABC Family) features Sutton Foster.
  • When Hector Lime invited them into his creepy wilderness cabin, the girls just followed him in. After they handed over what could be evidence. …Do they never learn?
  • Aria found a way to order chocolate milk in an adult way… I’m into that. So far I just demure that I want a vanilla latte half of the time.