Aria (Lucy Hale) defined the odds with amazing outfit, after amazing-er outfit in Pretty Little Liars “Birds of a Feather”.

pretty little liars fashion

Aria Montgomery aka Lucy Hale

Her first outfit consisted of a pretty printed dress (in ppurple, lilac black and white), a structured (denim?) black vest, and large silver oval earrings. This was just ULTRA chic, and the ultimate kind of Aria outfit that makes people jealous of how stylish she is. (Are you jealous? I’m jealous!)

Ready to hear about another home run?! Moving right along to her second look of the episode, I have to pause and just tilt my head in appreciation. It was totally Aria, but also totally appropriate for school. This was a short, animal print A-line dress worn with a an enormous metal butterfly choker. The dress and the necklace on their own are both wonderful, but you couldn’t just slap these with any ol’ item and call it a day. This was a good fusion. And she wore this amazing black purse that looked studded… just, I loved it.

At this point in the show, I was yelling “shut up!” at the TV screen (not because Hanna was being all kinds of sketchy with sweetie boy Caleb) but because Aria was wearing another outfit that I really, really liked. This was the sort of thing you’d never put together on your own, because it doesn’t have any obvious “oh, this You need it all together, at once, to see how it works. I’m speaking about the black tank, pink necklace, dangling earrings (pink or bronze, I couldn’t tell) and Aria’s hair up in a loose knot.

Hanna Marin aka Ashley Benson

Her second look of the episode was a daytime, school look that included a bright yellow jacket (with a great nubby texture and zipper accents) that normally I might snub my nose up at. I mean, blazers? Bright yellow? It’s not something you can always so gracefully pull out of your closet. But, Hanna managed to make it sing by keeping the rest of her outfit parred down in black and whites, accessorizing with an extra long metal necklace and dangling chain earrings. This is a California in the fall look, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hanna was secretly (or not so secretly) in love with L.A.

When Hanna and Aria were looking at “fat, bald men” for Ella Montgomery, she wore a white top that was all ruffly and lacey and scalloped… it was a lot. Part of me wondering if it was trying to swallow up her upper body, but I also appreciated that it had architectural bits to it, and it showed Hanna’s softer side in the process. (Plus, later I saw it was belted and that saved the entire thing from being too peasant blousey.) I even thought that showing her pink bra straps under it was a very Hanna thing to do. (Aria would do the same, and her Dad would be furious of course.)

Some of Aria’s outfits are difficult to describe, but I liked this one so much I’ll try to: Hot pink tube top, silky patterned tank top with silver fringe scoop necklace, side ponytail, jean skirt, wispy feather earrings, black sheer tights, and brown cowboy boots.

emily fields fashion

Emily Fields aka Shay Mitchell

A simple gray tank with black stripes with red jeans worn with a ponytail was perfect for her first day as a barista.

Another great, simple look paired teal jeans with a silky black tank. It had a lot of impact. The accessories were minimal, a cool bracelet and a long pendant. Not to mention Maya’s attractive cousin sitting nearby. It was great to see she was wearing the same black/white shoulder bag she’d worn in another episode a couple times. As much as I love seeing all new items, seeing some repetition makes the world feel more real.

Spencer Hastings aka Troian Bellisario

When we first saw the little liars in the cafe, she was wearing red pants (maybe denim, probably skinny cut), a high ponytail with loose wisps around her face, and a black and sheer top. I fell in LOVE! It’s so very Spencer for a Parisian-inspired night out.

Later, when confronting Jason, we came to a look that I want to call Spencer’s modified Gretel look. The top half of the look had potential to be sexy, with a bodice and belted navy cardigan … but then there was this oatmeal colored (possibly floral, later I thought it was a silvery brocade print) simple skirt,, paired with oatmeal colored knee-high’s, and brown clogs. The socks and the shoes are what bugged me.

Wearing jeans with a sparkly silver top was that great kind of minimal glam that Spencer does sometimes (like for her Homecoming dress in season 1.) She’s so Audrey Hepburn. Sigh.

As always, no Pretty Little Liars fashion recap is complete without a shout-out to costume designer Mandi Line. She does all the heavy lifting, we just try to borrow some of her style secrets

Photos: ABC Family

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