Wouldn’t you love to understand Pretty Little Liars fashion a little bit more?

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To dress like Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), you’ll want to look for vintage and eclectic pieces. While never straying from being feminine, she’s got a strong bohemian aesthetic. Look for dark fabrics, plenty of patterns, and big jewelry. She’s always got one fabulous accessory, like a white bow cuff. See for yourself, below as we explore Aria Montgomery clothes and accessorizing options.

Aria Montgomery Style – Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 20″ Ctrl A”Aria Montgomery clothes:

  1. Vince Camuto Colorblock Crystal Pleated Skirt from Nordstrom (Exact Match), Click
  2. Edith A. Miller Metalic Scoop Neck Shirt from Farfetch, Click
  3. Red Baker White Bow Ring from Jewellery 4, Click

One of the stores Aria shops at (most likely) is Free People. Taking that note, we looked at what inspiration that store could provide.

aria montgomery style

Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 22 “Father Knows Best” Aria Montgomery earrings:

  1. Rachel Roy Hematite Spike Earrings from (Exact Match. No longer available. Sorry.)

Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 16 “Let the Water Hold Me Down” Aria Montgomery dress:

  1. Parker Geometric Print Strapless Silk Dress sold out from Barneys (Exact.)

How to dress like Aria Montgomery if you shop at Free People:

  1. Sweet Day Saddle Shoe, Free People
  2. Colored Ankle Crop, Free People
  3. High Waisted Baja Stripe Shorts, Free People
  4. Fair Trade Woven Bracelet, Free People

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Inspiration! New images from the latest Free People Catalog that speak to the Aria Montgomery character:

We can see Aria wearing either outfit here, even with that orange flower headband.

The outfit on the left is much more Aria, the one on the right could be worn by Aria or Hanna Marin. (Aria has worn light pink dresses with ruffles, though.) Without the hat and red lipstick, this dress looks like shredded cotton candy. So always be mindful of styling!

First off, wouldn’t you love to wander through a field of flowers like this? Secondly, can’t you see Aria in this entire ensemble?

Spencer would easily wear this, but so could Aria. The pop of yellow makes if much more lively. The belt is also extra special. This may seem classic, but there’s nothing boring about it. Aria tends to wear a lot of dark colors. Additionally, this is just a beautiful photograph.

This is just a gorgeous image. We’ve seen the outfit on the right, but check out the one on the left. Only Aria Montgomery would pair an electric blue crochet top with neon shorts. The entire look is made perfect by those elaborate pigtail braids. (Also very Spencer Hastings.)

This looks like a tear-out of a magazine from the 90’s. Which is why we love it so much. A sweet pink dress is made saucy with sunglasses, red lips, and a short hemline. And a crochet bikini top is paired with a cardigan and pants for a sexy, beachy look.

Disclaimer: We are not at all affiliated with the brand Free People.

Pretty Little Liars images from ABC Family.