Despite all of the secrecy and tension that Pretty Little Liars gave us in “Touched By An A-ngel” I couldn’t help but keep thinking about the mouse top Aria wore for a better part of the episode!

As it turns out, the mouse top is somewhat affordable. It’s Marc by Marc Jacobs “Mouse in Da House Tee” and you can buy it at Revolve Clothing for $78.00, Here. This gray top features black and pink mice.

You can also make this item. No, you can! What you need is a gray t-shirt with a scoop neck. Then you’ll need blank washable paint and pink washable paint. If you can find mouse shaped stamps, that’s great. But I don’t think that you’d have much luck carving one out of a potato, because the tails are tricky. But you can use stamps in other whimsical shapes. Make sure to stamp just the front and less than 1/3 should be done in the pink color.

I think using two sizes of paw print stamps (or leaves..or bows!)  could be cool. (This dog stamp is 2 inches, and this cat stamp is about an inch.) While shopping online is great and all, I think this would be the perfect excuse for you and your bestie to go to an art supplies store and have a blast looking at all the fun stuff they have. (Whenever I go I get caught up in the more realistic fake flowers.) All in all, this is a very budget-friendly choice to achieve Aria’s style.

Now, the next thing we should talk about is how Aria is single-highhandedly bringing back the tiny backpack trend! Would you wear it?

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