Aria’s date might not have gone off without a hitch (ouch), but he definitely had some sage advice for her. (And all of us!)


10 Best Pretty Little Liars Quotes from “Cat’s Cradle” < Recommended reading for you

Hanna Marin Quotes: Trouble starts when you shave the truth and it just gets all twisted up.

Hanna Marin Quotes: Hey, is your Mom really going to Austria with that Muffin Man?
Aria Montgomery Quotes: I think so.

Aria Montgomery Quotes: I have to be finished, for everybody’s sake.

Mrs. Marin: This will not touch you. I promise, no matter what happens. This will not touch you.

Man: Some people, it’s like the air weighs more for them. Pushes them down, wears them out. …The air, it just got too heavy for her.

Aria: I dial fast but I’m not that good.

Toby: There’s a big difference between falling and being pushed.

Aria’s Date: Are you hurt, or are you injured?

Spencer Hastings Quotes: You can’t run to your room right now. Not this time.

Melissa Hastings: When is the last time an answers made you any happier?

Paige: Unpredictable can be good. Look at us.

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