Fans of Pretty Little Liars love the romance between Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding), but are they close to feeling permanently crushed?

Ezra essentially broke up with Aria in “Breaking the Code” – but now Ella (Holly Marie Combs) and her overly-understanding ways may have thrown a wrench in that plan.

All it took was one crying fit on her bed, and Ella broke down and decided that Aria could be with Ezra. (Trust me teenage girls: most Moms are not that forgiving. I was waiting for her to yell something like, “How do you KNOW Ezra was offered a new job if you aren’t talking to him!?”)

Behind her husbands back, Ella showed up at Ezra’s apartment. And she found Aria there. Rather than feel guilty and “caught” Aria got pissed at her Mom. But no worry, Mom was only there to give her blessing. Aria beamed, and Ezra looked uneasy. He’s ready to take the fabulous job in Louisiana, and he’s already mentally moved on. Did you see how cold-hearted he seemed as Aria cried and he drove away? He’s already checked out of the relationship!

And really, isn’t it time for a new love interest for Aria?

But the real question is that after what you saw in tonight’s episode of PLL, do you think Ezra still wants to be with Aria?