Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars seems to be pairing Emily and Paige together again. At least the hints are all there.

We’d been wondering where Paige McCullers (Lindsay Shaw) was every time we saw Emily with her swim team, and we finally got our answer. She’s been becoming miles more stylish, growing out her hair, and coming out to her parents. In all of this, she gained confidence (which is good) and realized she still had a ‘thang’ for Emily. (And who wouldn’t, Shay Mitchell is gorgeous and Emily Fields is super sweet!)

In Pretty Little Liars “Breaking the Code” Paige re-appeared and was super into Emily’s business. She even leaned in for a kiss! But Emily still has a girlfriend, so that wasn’t really cool with her. Despite some overly aggressive actions, Paige seems like a pretty good match for Emily, though. And it seems like that’ll be happening now that Mya is missing.

Do you like Paige and Emily as a couple? Or will you always prefer Maya?