I can hardly begin to tell you how excited I was to open up my Pretty Little Liars DVD of season 1. I mean, it smelled like SECRETS! Even though I’ve loyally watched every single episode as it aired on ABC Family, certain shows demand a re-watch because you want to catch clues or immerse yourself in a certain world again. And I certainly don’t mind hanging out with Aria and the gang. In fact, I’ve spent so much of my time chatting up with the cast for interviews, recapping episodes, writing pieces about the fashion, and copying hairstyles from the show that I feel like an honorary member of Rosewood.

There are five different types of special features included on the PLL DVD:

Pretty Little Liars: Two Truths and a Lie – “Discover some fun facts and fictional fallacies about the cast of Pretty Little Liars.” You’ll learn a little bit more about the real lives of our favorite PLL’s. I don’t want to spoil these for you guys. My favorite segment is with the silly Troian Bellisario.

It All Started with a Little Lie: The Making of Pretty Little Liars – “Discover how the pages and characters of Sara Shepard’s novel became this can’t miss TV series.” You don’t need anyone to tell you how addictive this show is, I know. But it’s still fun to obsess about the series and how it came to be a TV show on ABC Family. Before any show can become your favorite, first people have to become invested in it enough to air it for you, after all. You’ll get insights into the audition process, and which characters our four main girls auditioned. There are also trivia tidbits about the making of the pilot (it was snowing when they were in bikini’s – brrrr.) There is also a fun fashion section with costume designer Mandi Line. And, of course, it wouldn’t be PLL without a segment about “Who is A?” (Runtime: Approx 20 minutes  this is the meatiest special feature.)

Little Secrets from the Set – “Catch up with the cast and crew of summer’s hottest show as they bring us several juicy behind-the-scenes secrets from the Pretty Little Liars set.” Shay Mitchell gives a tour of her room, and of the set from her eyes. It’s “SHAY CAM!” The girls are funny in-between takes. And seeing the costume trailer is pretty wild. I’d love to spend some time (read: hours) in there.  Then again, “crafty” (the craft services table) looks pretty amazing with the fresh fruit and trail mix combinations you can make. Can I go visit this set every day?

Lucy Reveals a Secret – This is a short promotional segment for “A Cinderella Story” starring Lucy Hale. You’ll see Lucy singing, but none of the actual movie. I wish they’d shown some of that the movie is like so I know if it’s a good guilty pleasure movie or not.

Deleted Scenes: Each disc has its own deleted scenes section. This is a nice way to set those up, and kind of remind of you what context they’d be in. When I watch a bunch of deleted scenes in a row I tend to get lost mid-way through.

The outside cover is surprisingly sturdy, and I really like the inside booklet and how they arranged the easy-to-use episode guide with corresponding pictures and details. Pretty Little Liars season 1 on DVD is available on: AMAZON for $38.99

Disclaimer: An item was sent for review.