Our Pretty Little Liars had to attend another funeral, which meant four variations on black dresses. I’d say “somber, black dresses” except I don’t think they got the memo. Then again, they were “grieving” at the funeral for Ian, so I can’t blame them. Let’s dive in and talk about what each girl wore and how it showed off her personal style.

Hannah’s Dress:
Hannah’s outfit for Ian’s funeral was full on ridiculous. Like someone out of an 80’s soap opera she was wearing a dramatic netted headpiece, and a skintight black satin-y dress that oozed sex appeal. It showed off legs and cleavage. And Ian was the guy who preyed on a young teen, right? Gee, nice message, Han.

Grade: D

Spencer’s Dress:
Spencer time-traveled to the 90’s for a black (velvet?) choker and wore her hair pinned back like she was auditioning for Little House on the Prairie. The 3/4 length sleeves were kind this bizzare sheer fabric, the skirt was wrinkled, and the entire look from head to toe was half-endearing and half a hot mess. I’m curious to know if this look was meant to convey how frazzled Spencer was feeling, or if that’s just a happy accident.

Grade: C

Emily’s Dress:
Emily wore a sleeveless balck dress with a boatneck collar. It was a little boring, but it was what was most appropriate for a funeral. She actually rocked the look with her gorgeous (Pantene-sponsored) hair being her best accessory.

Grade: A

Aria’s Dress:
Aria’s funeral dress looked like a party dress that she’d put a cheap looking tie-front wrap over. She also wore black earrings with big puffy hearts, which I think are made by Betsey Johnson. The thing is that this look was realistic for her character. I can see her pulling anything black out of her closet and deciding that it works.

Grade: A

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