Will Mona help Aria to help Hanna? Probably not! Since when did Mona make anything in life easier?

We always read between the lines! Here’s how we play this PLL game. In bold, is the text released by ABC Family. And below that? An interpretation of what they’re really saying, and what to expect. We encourage you to play along by commenting with your thoughts.

HANNA IS IN THE HOT SPOT, IN AN ALL NEW EPISODE OF “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS,”TUESDAY, JULY 24TH AT 8:00 PM ET/PT ON ABC FAMILY Burbank, CA (July 6, 2012) – When things look dire for Hanna, the Liars must turn to Mona to help their friend out, in “Crazy,” an all new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series, “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, July 24th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).

Hanna always looks guilty, but it’s not her fault! I mean, sure she had that whole sticky fingers phase… but that’s why you call it a PHASE and not a lifestyle! I had a Lisa Frank stickers phase, and thank God that didn’t become a lifestyle…

With new key evidence in Alison’s murder case, Hanna fears that “A” may be framing her after a visit from Det. Wilden.

Whether Wilden is evil or not, PLL (the show) wants us to think he is. So whenever he’s involved (the creep!) Hanna will always have trouble. It makes me feel for her.

With paranoia setting in, Aria decides that she has to turn to Mona for answers if she is going to help Hanna. But is Aria ready to face her former tormentor, and more to the point, is Mona ready to give Aria the answers the PLLs are desperately looking for?

We know from pictures that Aria is going to visit Mona. But we don’t know how freaked out Aria will be. And we don’t know what Mona will say. But my guess is that she’ll give just enough away (like a riddle) to make Aria feel like the trip was worthwhile, ad that maybe she should go visit again.

Meanwhile, someone from Ali and Jason’s past arrives in Rosewood and piques the girls’ interest.

That’s actually pretty damn interesting. We’ve already seen their Mother, so who now? My guess is it’s another family member. Grandma? Cousin?

“Pretty Little Liars” is produced by Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television and is executive produced by I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Leslie Morgenstein. The series stars Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, Laura Leighton, Chad Lowe, Janel Parrish, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse.

Aria’s Dad (Chad Lowe) is still on payroll, but we haven’t seen much of him. Which is a bummer, since he’s got so much going on with his possible re-ignited affair with little miss blonde from Center Stage (best movie ever), and his kids and his ex-(?)wife… We need updates on Byron Montgomery, stat!

PLL “Crazy” Synopsis

Picture: ABC Family

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