In the Pretty Little Liars episode “Save the Date” someone will end up in the hospital, but that doesn’t mean Aria can’t look stylish. In fact, we took a great liking to a particular outfit of hers that is actually pretty simple for anyone to copy. All you need is a white dress, black belt, and cowboy boots. These are clothes and accessories you can find in your closet already, meaning you can stop begging your parents for some extra cash for these, and focus on scamming some extra bucks for some hair feathers a la Aria.

The White Dress with Open Back from ASOS, here. What you’re looking for in a dress is something with an a-line skirt that flares out, and that is short-ish (above the knee) so it doesn’t contrast with the  height of the boots.

The black belt I selected is the “Continual Cincher” from Anthropologie, here. Because I went with a natural fiber belt, I went with the Envy Women’s Sundance Boot from Endless, here. Aria didn’t exactly match her belt and boots, but I would recommend they both be brown or  both be black, not one of each. Stick around for more Pretty Little Liars fashion posts.

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