You know what? Aria’s Dad is an uber creep! Find out why in this Pretty Little Liars review of “Blood is the New Black.”

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Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario)

Spoby (Spencer/Toby) are really cute. There, I finally said it. Officially. They’re cute. But Spencer needs to stop caring so much about his sister. It’s going to make him weirdly jealous, or something!

Oh, and she gets major props for being the only one willing to fish in the toilet for the dropped bracelet. She will grow up to be a detective – she has all the gumption!

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale)

Aria’s Dad is a dick! His fifteen year old daughter finds out he’s having an affair and trashes his office… yea, it’s not great. But he told her that she owed Meredith an apology? Not at all! I often come down hard on Aria (I don’t love the Aria/Ezra relationship) but she should not have been put in that position. Especially when she knows that Meredith is still gunning for Mr. Montgomery. Gross.

I’m very curious about why, of all things, Aria would have put that earring in Alison’s casket as a token of their friendship. How did that trashing of the office symbolize anything good? There’s no reason why Aria would have picked that item.

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson)

I can’t stop wondering about whether she’ll be in trouble for leaving those tweezers with Mona by accident. I think she’s dealing with her ambiguous lost very admirably, and that she’s got more heart than she ever wants to show.

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell)

Well, I predicted that Emily would spiral and she really is. Of course, her “hallucinations” probably really did happen. And I guess I must be more of a Spencer than I thought, because I kept thinking that Emily was having the worst problems of the group with her grades suffering. (Meaning, I take grades super seriously.) And it’s definitely worth noting that the A team is always hardest on Em! I mean, Aria gets an earring and Emily gets a necklace of teeth?! (I bet you anything they were real!) In IKWYDLS (I Know What you Did Last Summer, classic 90’s movie, guys!) this is where they’d say that whoever was getting it easiest was the most suspicious. Which I guess doesn’t totally apply since we know our four girls aren’t A… Anyway.

Emily and Ezra were cute, although I felt bad that Aria forced her in that position. I would have felt just as awkward as Emily was. And I’d have ended up calling him awkward combinations of things like “Mr. Ezra” or something.

Pretty Little Liars “Blood is the New Black” Review

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