This week on Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fields  (Shay Mitchell) is making a new connection. Possibly even with a boy. Romantically. We don’t know. But it’s worth discussing.

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We always read between the lines! Here’s how we play this PLL game. In bold, is the text released by ABC Family. And below that? An interpretation of what they’re really saying, and what to expect. We encourage you to play along by commenting with your thoughts.

Some secrets the Liars are holding onto should be shared, while others are best kept hidden-no matter what the cost in “Birds of A Feather,” an all new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, June 26th (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).

Apparently, one of our little liars is going to break down and reveal the truth about something, to someone. But what that something is, and who that someone is… that’s anyone’s guess. As usual, they’ll all also be lying to cover up their earlier liars. That’s kind of their style.. and why we love them. …Hey, are we sorta messed up? Sh, don’t answer that.

The truth can sometimes hurt and the Liars must take that into account when deciding to reveal secrets.

Will the liars reveal that Jenna can see? It’ll definitely be up for debate.

Hanna’s visits with Mona are driving a wedge between Hanna and Caleb. But would it be so bad if Hanna told Caleb that she needed to see Mona to get information about this “A?”

This is a catch 22. If Hanna tells Caleb about the “A” stuff, she’ll get a pass on why she’s been visiting Mona. However, Caleb will likely switch over to protective mode and Hanna may wish she’d never told him about “A” at all…

Aria, on the other hand, is dreading telling Ella that Byron is back in the dating scene and dating Meredith. But wouldn’t it be better if Ella found out from Aria than hearing it someplace else?

Is it possible that Byron actually isn’t dating again, or at least not dating Meredith? Either way, if we’ve learned anything on the show, it’s that Aria should always tell her Mom stuff, first. (But in real life, kids, that is not on you! Your parents would never put you in that position.) Something tells us that if Aria doesn’t tell her Mom, “A” will.

And Spencer needs to know the truth about Melissa, even if the truth hurts.

The truth is that Melissa is an evil demon! THERE. Now we all know! Case closed.

Meanwhile, Emily finds some solace after meeting Maya’s cousin, Nathan.

Is Emily gay, or bisexual? Because having Em fall for Nathan is exactly the kind of crazy curveball the show might throw at us.

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