Here are the best Pretty Little Liars quotes from season 3. This particular batch is from the episode “Birds of a Feather”.

emily fields fashion

It seemed to me she was scared of someone. – Emily Fields
And it seemed like she was blind for 5 months when she wasn’t. – Best Aria Montgomery Quotes

For purposes of my head not exploding, can we just assume she is telling the truth? – Hanna Marin

All roads lead back to the black swan. –  Best Spencer Hastings Quotes

Gluten free biscotti. – Best Emily Fields Quotes

Why are you looking at pictures of bald, fat men? – Hanna Marin

Mom, he has a unibrow! – Best Hanna Marin Quotes

I got one, “hot mamma”. – Hanna Marin

I haven’t been on a date since George Clooney was on ER. – Ella Montgomery

All right, roger that. – Hanna
Roger that? – Aria
What? We’re on a mission! – Hanna

Like it or not, this is your family. – Mrs. Hastings

I feel like I only exist in half of your life, and that’s not good enough for me. – Caleb

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