Spencer Hasting’s bedroom design on Pretty Little Liars might just be my favorite of all the Pretty Little Liars bedrooms. Troian Bellisario probably loves hanging out in here. Spencer’s parents influence in the design of the house (and their control over everything) is clear, but Spencer has still made the room her own.

It’s hard to ignore that fabulous wallpaper. It’s kind of a creamy gray with vertical rows of floating white flowers on green vines. Spencer’s four poster bed (with off-white canopy sheers pulled at the top of the bed) anchors the room. An unusual pink art piece hangs over the bed, and it looks very similar to a piece see in Hanna’s bedroom (but her is yellow.) Spencer uses red as an accent color. While her bedding is actually a brown plaid, she’s incorporated both red and white, and black and white toile bedding pieces. Two lacquered, red lamps with fluted white lampshades are on either side of the bed.

Near her door (and then later moved to be opposite her door), there is a large framed oval mirror that “A” once wrote on. In this, Spencer can check out her daily fashion combinations before leaving for school or practice, or to try and foil one of “A”‘s plans!

As we move over to Spencer’s desk and study station you’ll note there is more clutter. Instead of just a couple picture frames or beauty products like are on her bedside table, here we have storage boxes, books, picture frames, pottery, trophies and all sorts of decorative knick knacks. Her desk is clear glass, and she has a metal wire chair that honestly cannot be too comfortable. (No wonder we always see her studying on her bed.) On the wall in this area are tons of awards and a large bulletin board.

A final detail of her room is a luxurious red leather chaise lounge which overlooks a window to her backyard and the barn.

To achieve a similar look to Spencer’s bedroom  you’ll want to use light wood, glass, metal and white furniture. Keep your bases neutral, and then have pops of a mature crimson (and pink) in your pillows, lamps, picture frames, and artwork. Keep everything classic and minimal except for your work space, which you are free to make cluttered and cozy. Look for toile patterns, flower patterns, and anything (like cute little clocks) to help make your life easier.

Here are pictures of Spencer Hastings Bedroom on Pretty Little Liars:

spencer hastings bedroom pretty little liars

The following are from the Ikea 2011 lookbook and I think these are very similar to Spencer Hastings bedroom style:

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