How long can you keep a Pretty Little Liar out of the gossip loop? Tonight on ABC Family there’s a new episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled “A Kiss Before Lying.”

Pretty Little Liars “A Kiss Before Lying” Summary / Synopsis

After putting her foot down about Caleb with her friends, Hanna begins to feel that she is getting the cold shoulder from them. Aria, Emily and Spencer seem to be up to something, but she can’t quite seem to figure out what it is. But what Hanna may take as the cold shoulder, could really be just a case of guilty consciences from her friends.

And if her best friends avoiding her weren’t enough, Kate’s first day at Rosewood High is looming. Now that her evil step-sister is invading Hanna’s space, she needs her friends more than ever.

Meanwhile, Emily hopes that her mother’s visit to Rosewood will be a good opportunity to re-introduce her to Maya and have a better outcome this time. (Spoiler alert: Emily and Maya have a kissing scene.)

spencer hastings

Who’s the call from, Spencer?

lucy hale

Aria, what’s your plan with “Holden” tonight?

Hanna is having a bad week.

Always huddled around a laptop these days.

Emily Fields is having a good hair day.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 18

Original air date: January 30 2012