Mona spilled a lot of secrets last night… of course, some of that was obviously complete crap!

pretty little liars season 4

The liars returned with the season 4 premiere last night. The episode was titled “A is A-L-I-V-E.” And A was as creepy as EVER. Seriously, dolls, murders, secret videos… there was a lot.

Mona is part of the Avengers! Or…no?

Mona is being thrust into the foursome of the liars, and acting like an innocent victim. Lest we forget, she’s pretty good at being an evil mastermind and playing dumb. So how much can we trust her actions, or her words? But speaking of her words, she offered up a ton of stuff last night… she said she has no clue who pushed Ian off the Bell Tower, and it wasn’t her. She said Lucas gave Emily that creepy massage. She said that Wilden and Melissa were at the masked ball, working together. She said she did not put Aria in the trunk on the train. She said she didn’t know CeCe wasn’t Alison at Radley… And, with her eyes, she said “please believe me!” One thing we know about Mona is that Hanna is her sanity touch tone, and the one person she seems to have a human connection with… so hopefully Hanna doesn’t screw that up. (But, of course, Hanna will because she’s Hanna.)

Aria wants to see other people
Making a not-so-subtle-exit from a coffee shop that Ezra enters proves to be tough, and Aria remembered how much it’d suck to be mooning over him all of her senior year. She also see’s him with his baby mama, which convinces her to tell him she really does want to see other people. Especially if she’ll be seeing him as a teacher in the school once again. It’ll be a game of “R U JEALOUS YET?” all year until they lock lips once again…as is, c’mon, inevitable!

I think she might hook up with Gabriel Holbrook, the new cop. Hey, she LILES older men who are authority figures!

Alison’s Mom is like Ali…a b#tch!

I should spend time talking about how cagey Tobey is being, but instead I want to devote time to Ali’s Mom. I am pretty sure they recast this actress at some point, and every time we see her (even if it’s the same actress) she’s acting completely different! And that bugs me. I mean, even drugs can only explain part of that.

She’s definitely building a creepy shrine to her daughter, by bringing all of her things back in the exact position they used to be in her room. What’s interested is that when parents in movies keep their children’s rooms the same I never think it’s creepy…I tend to think it’s sad and they can’t let go. But for a parent to have already cleared that room out and then bring it all back in…that seems like something else is happening. Something even more creepy! And the creepiest thing of all? Asking one of your dead daughter’s former best friends to help carry those things into the room without a warning of what was happening… I’m surprised Emily (was it Emily or Spencer? I forget!) didn’t have a freak-out and flee the scene!

Of course, this Mom isn’t very nice…as we learn from her pointed comment to Hanna about her weight.

Finally, why would Mrs. Alison Dilaurentis attend a funeral for a cop she hardly knew, when she’s only just gotten back into town? I guess Wilden helped out with the Ali case a bit…but I still think it was weird. I don’t go out of my way to attend funerals, and I can’t imagine there are many people (with innocent motives) that do. But maybe we’ll see a follow-up to the movie Wedding Crashers someday…Funeral Crashers. If Rachel McAdams is in it, I’d probably see it. That girl is fuh-yeerce! (And adorable, with the best cheekbones ever, and I really love her style…)

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