In taking a serious stance about a show that should be a relaxing romp, is The Playboy Club trying too hard?

The Playboy Club cast asserts that the club was pro feminism and race equality. The show is NBC’s answer to their own version of Mad Men, but they don’t seem to realize people will likely be tuning in less for the (albeit very interesting) historical accuracy and more for the women in bunny attire.

In a new promo titled “Bunnies Changing History”, The Playboy Club cast (Amber Heard, Naturi Naughton, Laura Benati) talks about how the bunnies were feminists (making money, gaining independence), and that the club was pushing race equality. The latter seems easier to believe.

Benati says, “They really were feminists.” Naughton says, “…It really shows power. And how empowering it was.”

Here’s the crux of the argument, guys. In the 60’s, women were generally housewives or secretaries. But then they were able to become Playboy Bunnies and make more money. However, they had to dress as sexual objects to do so. By this argument, couldn’t you then say that prostitutes are also feminists? Were the bunnies feminists or women who were degrading themselves for money?

amber heard playboy club

Amber Heard Playboy Club pictures from NBC

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