Look, look at adorable, smooshable fur sealĀ seal.

Don’t you love seals?

Well, seals are pinnipeds. You are officially a pinniped fan.

ocean mysteries with jeff corwin pinnipeds georgia aquarium

This Saturday the 23rd is the premiere of an episode called “Best of the Pinnipeds,” on the highly rated “Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin from Georgia Aquarium.”

November 23 — Best of the Pinnipeds
Synopsis: Host Jeff Corwin revisits some of his favorite moments from the series with a special group of marine mammals called Pinnipeds. Join Jeff on an adventure across the Pacific Ocean as he explores Harbor Seals from Alaska, Sea Lions from New Zealand, Elephant Seals from California, and Monk Seals from Hawaii!

About Jeff Corwin
“Ocean Mysteries” is must-SEA TV — during the 26 original episodes, Jeff solidifies his legacy as one of the most essential voices in the wildlife and eco-conservation realm. – Via Press Release

pinnipeds jeff corwin

Jeff Corwin. Photo: Georgia Aquarium