Pia Toscano amazed us in the top 9 last night.

Last night on American Idol 2011 Pia Toscano performed Tina Turners’ “River Deep, Mountain High.” She said, “I wanna shock everybody because I’ve been doing the whole ballad thing … I just can’t wait to show that other side to me – that performer.” Did she shock us?

What did the judges think?

Steven Tyler – “You killed it! There are a million guys in a million bars having a million drinks because of you.”

Jennifer Lopez – “That was amazing, vocally you proved to us that you can sing an uptempo. You are really, really, really special up there.”

Randy Jackson – “I believe we all believe in you. What you showed tonight is all those things you must have admired growing up. … “Pia’s in it to win it!”

What did you guys think? I think shes’s just gotta get her “Sasha Fierce” on and she’ll be the complete package.

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