A popular author of young adult fiction asks you to consider that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was fairly fired.

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Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Photo: A&E

Author Maureen Johnson took to her blog to share her thoughts about what’s happened between A&E and Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. For the uninformed, Robertson was suspended from the show Duck Dynasty after talking to GQ and coming out against homosexuals, implicitly linking them to people who would partake in bestiality. It wasn’t pretty.

All quotes below are from Maureen Johnson, whose astute writing helps give a voice to many people’s current thoughts on the situation.

The argument: His opinions don’t hurt anyone.

“Gays and lesbians and transfolk and people all along the spectrum of normal human sexuality are literally being put to death around the world today.

“So when you throw down your lot with the “gays are the root of sin!” people, you are throwing wood on a fire that burns high and bright and literally kills people. It is not a question of being put off a show about duck calls for a few weeks.

The argument: A&E had no right to suspend Phil Robertson.

“Also, no one is taking Mr. Robertson’s rights to say what he likes. He’s fine. He’s still doing his thing. We have the right to say what we like in America, which is wonderful. This is a separate issue from our employers having the right to fire us when we violate a code of conduct and become poor representatives of our place of employment. You can get fired from your job at a restaurant for having a sloppy uniform, or being rude to customers—so why shouldn’t a highly-paid man get the can for calling a major portion of the population the root of sin?

The argument: It’s the “Christian” way to dislike gay people.

“As for the religious argument here, it’s been made so many times by people far more qualified than me—this obsession with the sex lives of gay people is strange and foreign to the soul of Christianity. It also shows a fundamental and constant misunderstanding of how gay people lead their lives. I will say that loads of Christians out there are doing good things every day and not walking this particular road to nowhere. This road brings pain and suffering to others. It has never seemed very Christian to venture down it.

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Mauren Johnson is the author of ten young adult novels, including the “Shades of London” series, “the “Suite Scarlett” series, and “The Bane Chronicles” with fellow author Cassandra Clare.

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“The Madness Underneath” by Maureen Johnson