It may seem that I am damning the new NBC series Perfect Couples with some faint praise in my title, but I wasn’t even going to bother watching the darn thing at all. But I did. And I liked it. And I highly suggest you check it out for yourself – because how can you really trust ME? I mean, I ate three red Skittles for breakfast. I don’t even trust me.

perfect couples nbc

Pictured (l-r) David Walton as Vance, Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Amy. If I had to pick a favorite couple, it'd be these two.

Now, I figured this show would be…bad. Epically bad. I predicted there would be forced jokes, stupid couple pairings, and no chemistry within the cast. (Kind of what Better With You turned out to be, something I am still trying to recover from.) However, the comedy writing and character portrayals in Perfect Couples has guaranteed that I’ll be watching the next episode.

Were there weak moments? Sure. But most TV pilots for comedies tend to start off weak and get stronger. The pilot of Friends wasn’t even THAT great. (Note: This rule, which I have made up,  is always in reverse for one hour dramas.)

In the Perfect Couples pilot we learned about each character, and their dynamics to the other characters. More than that (in fact, most importantly) they all came together as a realistic group of friends. When we get sentimental about TV show characters (and when I am NOT getting sentimental about TV show characters?) this is what we call a budding TV family. NBC? Hi. You just found another hit series.

Ep 100: Stepping in It

Sometimes compliments don’t always come out the way they were intended.

The Perfect Couples Cast:

Kyle Bornheimer as Dave &

Christine Woods as Julia

David Walton as Vance &

Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Amy

Hayes MacArthur as Rex &

Olivia Munn as Leigh

You can next catch Perfect Couples Thursday, 8:30 pm on January 20, 2011. I pray to the TV Gods this means Outsourced is being canceled.

EDIT: Turns out what they aired as the sneak peak wasn’t the pilot!

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