Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder play the Salvatore brothers on The CW’s hit series, The Vampire Diaries. And with TVD season 4 coming to TV’s soon (with Stefan and Damon farther apart than we’ve seen before), it seems like an nice time to …well, look at some pretty pictures! Pictures are from Paul Wesley Source and Ian Somerhalder Online.

We haven’t ranked them in order of which is our favorite, so please comment to let us know which of the ten is your absolute fav.

Picture 1: Paul and Ian: Goofin’ around

Picture 2: They could have walked straight out of Dead Poets Society, here. (If you haven’t seen that movie, you must rectify this immediate.)

Picture 3: Just a couple of brooding boys on the eve of The Civil War.

Picture 4: You gotta love how slick they look and how smug the smiles are. They’re happy, and why shouldn’t they be?

Picture 5: In character as Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore – they both appreciate a good leather jacket.

Picture 6: A candid on the red carpet reveals that this pair are always willing to help the other with a hair situation.

Picture 7: This is a powerful image from The Vampire Diaries. And even though the focus is on Ian, Paul’s presence as Stefan is clearly felt (especially in the way Damon has chosen to look away.)

Picture 8: Promo shot for The Vampire Diaries. Metrosexuality at its finest.

Picture 9: In period costume, suspenders were a must.

Picture 10: Overjoyed to see fans, Ian and Paul look gracious and giddy.

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