I’m about to BLOW YOUR MIND. Or at LEAST confuse you for a few minutes.

This is actor Ken Marino from "Party Down." And I just really enjoy this photo. Credit: Starz

This is actor Ken Marino from “Party Down.” And I thought it might make you smile. Credit: Starz

E’s new series, Party On, hosted by Jacqueline M. Wood, premieres tomorrow, 12/5 at 10/9c.

What is “Party On” about? Here’s the short, canned response:

“Party On will take viewers to celebrity hot-spots from the Croatian island Hvar, said to be “the sunniest spot in all of Europe,” to St. Tropez, known for its topless beaches and endless night life.”

TLDR: It’s about party places Tara Reid went to in 1998.

And, okay, so what is “Party Down?”

Shut your mouth for even asking the question, you uninformed otter! “Party On” was an amazing TV series on Starz about cater waiters, starring Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Ken Marino, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, Megan Mullally and Jane Lynch . It is (hopefully) being made into a movie.

TLDR: Amazing show that goes on the “unfairly canceled” list along with Firefly, Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, and Veronica Mars.

And there’s a good chance you’re asking this question….Who is Jacqueline M. Wood?

I have NO idea, so we’re going to the press coverage again, “Not familiar with host Jacqueline M. Wood? She’s not only beautiful, but talented – she’s a 2-time Emmy nominee for her role as “Steffy Forrester” on ABC’s The Bold and the Beautiful!” TLDR: A future “Dancing with the Stars” contestant. Wah wah.

When are you going to explain why you mentioned Ryan Hansen?

Right now.  There’s no fun in writing about “Party On” because it will be an awful show that no one will watch seriously. Even reading the title made me think of “Party On” and then I felt mad that it wasn’t news about the movie. And from there it was a pretty quick step to imagining how I could 7 degrees this mess. The way I can connect them is that Ryan Hansen was in “Party Down,” and his “Veronica Mars” character, Dick Casablancas, would definitely be someone you might see in the background video footage from “Party On.” Call it weak, but I call it making a negative (most any new E! show)  a positive (stuff from the Rob Thomas crew.)

REACT: How badly do you want Party Down to be back on Netflix? Do you think the Party Down movie is still happening? Will you ever watch Party On? Are you almost totally confused about which title is which?

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