party-down-kristen-bellE! Online has reported that both Jane Lynch (Glee) and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) will be on the second season of Party Down. It’s a show on Starz that I am a MAJOR fan of, with good reason. It’s an amazing show. It’s hilarious, well-cast, well-written, and I bet they even have good food services. Just high quality across the board.

Lynch won’t be returning until the season finale of Party Down. Bell won’t be around until midseason, but her character Uda is dating Henry (Adam Scott) as of the premiere.

Newcomer to the Party Down cast? Megan Mullally of Will and Grace. Does this mean that Jennifer Coolidge will no longer be around? I can’t seem to tell.

Season two of Party Down won’t start until April of 2010. We have to wait FOREVER.