party down season 2

Please prep your party gear for a new season of Starz Party Down. This is the second season of the show that TIME Magazine called one of the best new comedies for 2009. Having viewed the first two episodes so far, I can tell you that the show is well on its way to be picked as one of the best comedies for 2010. The screener I received came in the coolest little package shaped like a folded Party Down work shirt, and a clipped-on actual pink bow tie. I am saving it to wear for Halloween or something! I feel very official with it. And that silly, fun, let’s-just-laugh-and-enjoy-life feeling¬† from the press release packet is translated to the show. Thus, the shows appeal.

When the season 2 premiere episode starts, we see Henry not-exactly-thriving in his new job as Team Leader. But that’s mostly because…how can you thrive as the Team Leader, here? Life hasn’t stopped for our Party Down crew, and we find out that nine months have passed. I like that the show didn’t halt time for us too much, and in fact – lots of things have changed. And then they all kind of change, er – again. I’m being vague. I know. I promise you’ll see all of the main cast members that you remember,¬† including Casey (Lizzy Caplan) and Ron (Ken Marino). …And I don’t want to not mention Henry (Adam Scott), Kyle (Ryan Hansen), and Roman (Kyle DeBeers).

Kyle is still all about acting and his new headshots, Roman is into mocking everyone, Henry is now pretty serious about team leading, Ron is a goof, and Casey is a laid-back and amused addict (to her phone). Ron (with his new lady friend) and Casey have news about the nine months of their lives we’ve missed. And hey, Henry is still with Uda. I love when she’s mentioned because it’s said that Kristen Bell will be in this season, reprising that role.

This episode covers the “Jackal Onasis Backstage Party”. Jackal Onasis is, as you could easily guess, a Satanic rocker. I have two of his albums! He is portrayed by actor Jimmi Simpson, who was amazing and reminded me of Simon Pegg (he is going to be in an upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory). Onasis doesn’t like his life of supermodels and fame, so he decides to go all “The Prince and the Pauper” on the event by trading places with Roman. Onasis spends the rest of the party trying to have REAL things.

Because the show is so funny and everyone wants to be on it, even as a guest star, Megan Mullally has snatched the open role that was formerly cast with Jane Lynch (Glee) and Jennifer Coolidge. Mullally’s character, Lydia, is a showmom with a daughter named Escapade. Let’s just have a moment to absorb THAT. Lydia is a perky, touchy-feely, eavesdropping over-sharer who has the incessant need to talk about her ex-husbands.

All in all, this is a truly enjoyable show that to miss would be like spitting on the grave of …well, someone. Spitting on anyone’s grave is pretty crass. And why go to a graveyard if you aren’t going to get right to the business of digging up bodies to stop evil spirits? …Yes, Supernatural IS on tonight. So, watch SPN tonight and then on Friday you can relax with Party Down! I am a most excellent planner. Trust me. My TV schedule is pretty ridiculously planned-out and full. (And yet, Party Down is a show I’d never miss. HOW COULD I VOUCH FOR IT MORE?)

Memorable Party Down Quotes

“What am I supposed to do?”
“Not give a shit, like a human being!”

Party Down premieres on April 23rd @ 10 PM on Starz. Season one of Party Down is available on Netflix instant-watch.