Party Down caters any event you throw at them, and this week they’re hired for a college football draft party. Sounds like…fun? Read on to see why you can’t miss out on Henry quoting Dirty Dancing to a funny-faced Lizzy Caplan.

Ryan Hansen on Party Down. We wish he'd stick on the series.

Party Down “Cole Landry’s Draft Day Party” will air this Friday, June 18th at 10 pm on Starz. (And don’t forget that Gravity follows! That show has been getting intense and better with every episode.)

When top college QB Cole Landry unexpectedly slips in the draft, rumors begin circulating that entangle Casey and Henry in the secret lives of college athletes.

Here’s a safe-for-work-or-your-grandma’s-house Party Down trailer for this episode (the Dirty Dancing quote can be heard here):

A few more sneak peeks, because don’t you deserve them?!

• “Giant Bulging Idiot” – Roman (Martin Starr) explains to the rest of the team his distaste for football players (he doesn’t fear anyone, he pities them!):

• “Little Buddy” – Roman (Martin Starr) and Kyle (Ryan Hansen) have an intellectual conversation with a football player (We are really sad that Ryan Hansen is going to be leaving this show for a NBC series called “Friends with Benefits” that looks kind of horrible):

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