Unlike many Parks and Recreation fans, I wasn’t a passionate advocate of the Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) relationship until recently. In fact, I was converted with the most recent episode: “The Trial of Leslie Knope.” I was left defenseless! It was like a hit and run version of making me suddenly care. A stun gun to my frontal lobe!

Parks and Recreation ‘The Trial of Leslie Knope’ Review – Season 4

leslie knope

It’s not that I think a grand romantic gesture is needed for a relationship to win me over, and I’d like to get that on the record for any future boyfriend encounters of my own. But, let’s be honest here, it sure does help.

I am personally not a big fan of recaps because I know that if you’re reading this than you already saw the episode. What I think is most important, my fellow TV dignitaries (yea, I have no idea what I mean by that exactly), is that we acknowledge the best gems of the episode. So without further adieu, the ten best things (in recap form…dammit) about this episode. I hope you can handle them.

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10. Andy is a spaghetti/laptop offender who objects to his own testimony. Seriously, plead the 5th, dude. I find Andy’s cluelessness charming most of the time.

9. Leslie showed up to the court early. Her version of early. Which meant arriving at 3 a.m. Since I’m the same way, I applaud her neurotic efforts at staying in control of situations!

8. Leslie requested a 55-day recess in a calm and rational voice. I love the way she genuinely tried to make that happen.

7. Ron wanting April to explain about cookies, and learning about Google Earth. Because we are totally being monitored by Big Brother all of the time!

6. Jerry’s real name is Gary. Everyone thought it was “Jerry” for a very Jerry-like reason. Oh, Jerry. Go fall in a pond again!

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5. Ben gifted Leslie with a Lil Sebastian Doll for good luck. what’s that, NBC store? Oh, what you hear right now are the sounds of many fans googling to see if and when they can buy their own. Lil Sebasian is truly in our hearts.

4. We learned quite a bit of Pawnee history in this episode, which is always fun. There were the books, the portraits, the mural… but my favorite piece of history was learning about that elbow-showing whore, Sarah Nelson Quindle.

3. Just one of the 14 witnesses that Chris provided had any real intel. The witness was in a scene that was memorable for being so very Ben/Leslie, but fans never expected more to come of it. And had Leslie and Ben not made a big deal about their public kiss, it wouldn’t have been memorable to that witness because he didn’t know enough to care. Kudos to Chris to finding the witness (because, uh, how?) although I’m not sure how it’s government fraud if the gift wasn’t money but a gift certificate that might have been bought by Ann for Leslie. (Did they ever clarify where it had come from?)

2. Ann was the recipient of a very colorful iMovie by Leslie. The subject title was “Yay” with 18 Y’s and 44 exclamation points. The thing that bugs me is that everyone knows you exaggerated the vowel, so why wouldn’t Leslie (who must be a grammar nerd) use 18 a’s?

1. Chris having Ethel read from the transcripts revealed what Ben had done to save Leslie. And then Leslie having Ethel come along for a ride to re-open the official transcript for another confession of lurve. True lurve.