parks and recPARKS AND RECREATION has come a long way since the first episode. We don’t even need the pit as a plot point anymore. And actually, the show has come into its own and is funnier than ever. If you haven’t been watching, you need to catch up on HULU real fast. I guess this means you have great weekend plans now, huh?

Parks and Recreation – The Possum: When a possum bites the mayor’s dog on a golf course, Leslie is asked to form a task force to catch the pesky animal. Meanwhile, Ron is upset when Mark refuses to bend the rules for him

Parks and Recreation “The Possum” Quotes

“Is this one of those nanny cams?”
“It’s a regular camera-less teddybear. Put it in your bedroom, don’t even think about it.”

“Can I read your mail?”
“Please don’t.”


“The next time we speak, we shall be dancing on the grave of a possum.”

“You always know what to bring me.”
“I only ever bring you coffee.”

“Hot orange juice. Weirdly delicious.”

“I have a really bad case of shoeshine head today.”

“Cures include coffee, cheeseburgers, and napping on the floor.”

“Excuse us. Taskforce coming through. Taskforce clear. Resume golfing.”

“There is a basket of oil soaked rags above a wood-burning stove…”

“Let me make you a canoe.”

“Task force, engage!”

“My friends call me Andy Radical.”

“I cannot emphasize enough how little I was thinking.”

“I made some vermin friends… friends sound stupid…uh, colleagues.”

“I broke up with her… Shortly after she kicked me out and told me we couldn’t be together anymore.”

“Hypothetically if you were going on a mission to catch a guilty whale…”

“I care so deeply about possums.”

“Do you know them?” (Asking a possum about merkats.)

“Does he want to have sex with a dead possum?”

“He (the possum) must love tacky pictures of flowers.”

“I’m bringing my workshop up to the Swanson code. And if the Swanson code happens to overlap with the city code…”

“She gave me the liquid courage I needed to wrestle that beast to the ground.”