parks and recParks and Recreation “Summer Catalog” just aired and I thought it was a SUPERSUPERSOLID episode!

Episode Synopsis: PARKS AND RECREATION “Summer Catalog” Season 2 Episode 20 – After Jerry (Jim O’Heir) gets mugged by a bunch of kids, Leslie (Amy Poehler) meets with the head park ranger (guest star Andy Samberg) in hopes of improving park safety. Meanwhile, everyone tries to be nicer to Jerry once he returns to the office. Rashida Jones, Paul Schneider, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt also star

What I loved:

  • “Damn girl, your hotness killed my raccoon. “// “I have a raccoon hat, I’m an interesting person!”
  • “Guys I don’t know if I made it clear but I don’t want any sex offenders in this catalog.” I don’t want any sex offenders on this blog, but life isn’t perfect!
  • Tom would have been able to fake any college project/lecture. Those kids always got the best marks. Confidence and bullshitting gets you far.
  • Parents pushing kids on swings always wins. Damn you, parents with kids on swings!
  • April’s navy/cream sweater was really cute. And it was even better when there was the “sweater swap!”
  • “April threw the smoked salmon on the roof.” And April’s pout after that? Oh, God. Smoked salmon is gross, btw.
  • Is there no such thing as a city planning emergency? I beg to differ. I think there are tons of them.
  • “I’m starving, I only had one breakfast.”
  • “Keep slithering!”
  • “If anyone’s doing a photo shoot about the dangers of undercooked chicken, I can give you Anne’s phone number.”
  • Tom should be the person shooting for ANTM.”Make your face better!”
  • “I’m an eyebrow girl. I wanna make out with him and chew his eyebrows off.” I always feel like that when I see a sexy man. Zachary Quinto drives me insane.
  • The picnic looked really pretty. I want to go on a picnic like that. But I don’t want to plan it. Who will plan one?
  • “Please try to look human and not so evil.”
  • April’s photoshopping skills rock. “Look how generous they’re being together.” Dies!
  • “Oh Ron, we really made loved to the pooch today.” “Screwed the pooch?” “I hate that term.” So do I, leave pooches alone!

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